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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Whoa there pardner!  Mosey on back to the corral for more training, bucko!
    Ok, sorry about that … possessed momentarily by a cowpoke… or a paniolo.  :)

    The Click Tracks and EEF's are for emotions ONLY… not beliefs.

    So, the answer to this…
    “when it's right to stop EEF/CT ing beliefs and move onto PN?”
    … is to stop now … and never start again.  ;)

    It also sounds like you are using a phrase when doing the CT/EEF… again, another RED ALERT… do not use setup phrases or repeat sentences during the CT/EEF.

    There are only 3 things to do during the CT/EEF …
    1. the tapping to the clicks and tones,
    2. focusing on a memory/imagined event, and
    3. TRY HARD to feel the feeling…
    … that's it!

    “I'm not good enough” is a belief and you can erase it with PSTEC Negative and/or counter it with a new, positive statement or belief using PSTEC Positive.

    Be sure to review Tim's instructions on all packages more than once and take his instructions VERY, very literally.  Such as, emotions with the CT/EEF; there's no need to feel the feeling as he never tells you to feel the feeling during the tracks.  He says, “TRY HARD to feel feeling”… big difference.

    Make sense?

    It's ok, just regroup and move forward with that correction.