Reply To: Rosacea and acne getting me down


    What I find works for the negative self talk is to focus on the inner you. The younger scared version of you.

    A lot of my issues stemmed from my sex life. And instead of targeting that first I went with a gut feeling (super conscious if you will). I saw all the times in the past that I put myself down, told my self that I was worthless, a failure etc. And I started there.

    I went for a drive one night and I broke down in tears and all I could cry about was how badly I treated myself in the past. I never cared about outside influences or others comments. Just the negative self talk situations, the way I clothed myself and looked at myself in the mirror etc.

    The very very first place you must start is “Love accept and forgive yourself”.

    When I was done crying I got a happy younger version of myself from back in elementary school and I imagined him while lying down. I visualized myself hugging him and apologizing to him. I also visualized him saying that it was ok as myself now and the younger self hugged and hand shook. I also visualize in that same scene the old evil me trapped In a cage yelling screaming and crying. What I'm doing here is protecting the young me and the present me from this beast. Every time a negative thought or comment comes into my mind I close my eyes and either myself or the younger self punches him in the face followed by a laugh and high five of the happier younger me and the present me.

    Every day at work when I do something I'm proud about I imagine me and my happy younger self hugging laughing or shaking hands. This represents a good relationship with the younger you and congratulations.

    I swear to you as I began this new way I have yet to get those nasty voices in my head. Myself and the younger me now work as a team to fight crime and the more you trust him the more hell you will get.

    What I am saying here is work together with your mind don't put him down. Continue you PP that you love accept and forgive yourself and he will make it so much easier for you to to move forward.

    Once you have accepted the younger you as a pal only then will it be easier to navigate to the direction in which way you would like to go. Try to also visualize a stronger more confident you helping the younger you. Don't think just listen and and thank and support your sub.

    Start from the memories of you putting yourself down. Then move onto the memories where you feel others might have judged your or made you feel uncomfortable.

    Hope this helps man