Rosacea and acne getting me down

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      Hi Jeff,

      Is there a therapy that can remove the way I feel about my skin condition? The rosacea causes alot of embarrassment and so does the acne. I can do something about the acne but the Rosacea they say its chronic and its not curable. Every time I see myself in the mirror and see my face red it gives me alot of anxiety and brings on the blushing more strongly.

      Can you please advise if there is anything I can do? I'm pretty desperate as this is causing me alot of agony..


      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Here is a similar situation involving blushing … I mean in terms of approach…

        Begin by using the CT's on the fear and desperation and also the embarrassment…
        This answers your question: “Is there a therapy that can remove the way I feel about my skin condition?” The Click Tracks.

        You can also use PSTEC Positive in similar ways described in Tim's Blushing tutorial.


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          Hey Jeff,

          Its beginning to work for me, I felt my face flushed today and with alot of suppressed energy in my face and I did one session of CT and just put all my attention on my face and memories started popping up and I was just putting all my attention on my face and at the end of the session, it disappeared…. The pressure on my face disappeared and I brought it down to like a 3 or 4, still have work to do….. But im happy to report i'm making progress :)

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            Hey Jeff,

            I wanna start using PP, but i'm getting resistance and negative self talk. My mind is saying it wont work and dont waste your time on that.

            Can you give me some PP affirmations to break resistance?

            Please advise :) and thanks.

            PSTEC User

              What I find works for the negative self talk is to focus on the inner you. The younger scared version of you.

              A lot of my issues stemmed from my sex life. And instead of targeting that first I went with a gut feeling (super conscious if you will). I saw all the times in the past that I put myself down, told my self that I was worthless, a failure etc. And I started there.

              I went for a drive one night and I broke down in tears and all I could cry about was how badly I treated myself in the past. I never cared about outside influences or others comments. Just the negative self talk situations, the way I clothed myself and looked at myself in the mirror etc.

              The very very first place you must start is “Love accept and forgive yourself”.

              When I was done crying I got a happy younger version of myself from back in elementary school and I imagined him while lying down. I visualized myself hugging him and apologizing to him. I also visualized him saying that it was ok as myself now and the younger self hugged and hand shook. I also visualize in that same scene the old evil me trapped In a cage yelling screaming and crying. What I'm doing here is protecting the young me and the present me from this beast. Every time a negative thought or comment comes into my mind I close my eyes and either myself or the younger self punches him in the face followed by a laugh and high five of the happier younger me and the present me.

              Every day at work when I do something I'm proud about I imagine me and my happy younger self hugging laughing or shaking hands. This represents a good relationship with the younger you and congratulations.

              I swear to you as I began this new way I have yet to get those nasty voices in my head. Myself and the younger me now work as a team to fight crime and the more you trust him the more hell you will get.

              What I am saying here is work together with your mind don't put him down. Continue you PP that you love accept and forgive yourself and he will make it so much easier for you to to move forward.

              Once you have accepted the younger you as a pal only then will it be easier to navigate to the direction in which way you would like to go. Try to also visualize a stronger more confident you helping the younger you. Don't think just listen and and thank and support your sub.

              Start from the memories of you putting yourself down. Then move onto the memories where you feel others might have judged your or made you feel uncomfortable.

              Hope this helps man

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                Hi Serato,

                Today I was doing affirmations in the mirror and when the affirmation came “I care about myself” I couldn't say it and started to cry. Can you help me? Why this happened?

                PSTEC User

                  CT that

                  Ct the feelings you feel toward yourself

                  Why don't you care about yourself? Because you think you're ugly? Have people told you this? Do you just not like the way you look ?

                  Ct memories like the one you witnessed feeling worthless ashamed etc..

                  CT yourself. Imagine a weak worthless sad and scared you crawled up in a ball hating who you are and try to feel anger sadness disgust etc toward yourself. By the end of all those CTs you might felt neutral. Follow up with a PP saying I love accept and forgive myself. Or it's possible to love accept and forgive myself.

                  Your negative talk might change. Also ct times you felt sorry for yourself. Have yourself on your side and doing affirmations will feel more neutral as this should stop a lot of the negative self talk

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                    I'd like to add sadness is the biggest one i felt

                    Ct the sadness toward yourself first.

                    Let all the tears out until you can't cry anymore and then CT the sadness.

                    Don't worry about exterior influences on your feelings, worry about that junk later. Like I said CT all the feelings toward yourself. Every memory where you put yourself down. Ct all the feelings. Ct you being angry at the younger you for treating yourself so badly. Everything else will get easier then you can start focusing on the way others might have made you feel or how you think they feel about you.

                    Number one is YOU being the enemy not the world. Deal with the world once you've minimized the hate or disgust toward yourself etc.

                    Jeff Harding
                    PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

                      Great exercise… looking in the mirror…  if there are any non-JEEP feelings (like sadness you have expressed)… imagine looking in the mirror and CT those feelings.

                      Good points Serato!

                      Then, look for beliefs… why does it make you sad to see yourself… to look at yourself… to acknowledge yourself?

                      Take those negative… follow Tim's PSTEC Negative Guides and discover core negative beliefs to use with PSTEC Negative.

                      Then, for each negative, craft a PSTEC Positive sentence … or even more for each negative… that expresses how you wish to feel about yourself.

                      So, in effect, you deconstruct the old perception of yourself… your old reality … and create a new vision… new perception… new reality … of yourself.  Hopefully, as you do this … and you can “redo” it more than once as you expand your consciousness… you will come closer and closer to the Truth of who and what you are.

                      Because, I know, you are not some little creature crawling around on a rock flying through space… No! … there's much, much more to it, but, first, you must acknowledge it and getting your mind model in line with that Truth is your first step… Take it!!!

                      Malama Pono!

                      PSTEC User

                        Thank guys for all your help in this matter.

                        I will do as instructed, II have alot of beliefs that I need to work on, but I have the right tools to make it happen…

                        Thanks again for the support, you guys are true friends :)

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