Reply To: Rosacea and acne getting me down

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Great exercise… looking in the mirror…  if there are any non-JEEP feelings (like sadness you have expressed)… imagine looking in the mirror and CT those feelings.

    Good points Serato!

    Then, look for beliefs… why does it make you sad to see yourself… to look at yourself… to acknowledge yourself?

    Take those negative… follow Tim's PSTEC Negative Guides and discover core negative beliefs to use with PSTEC Negative.

    Then, for each negative, craft a PSTEC Positive sentence … or even more for each negative… that expresses how you wish to feel about yourself.

    So, in effect, you deconstruct the old perception of yourself… your old reality … and create a new vision… new perception… new reality … of yourself.  Hopefully, as you do this … and you can “redo” it more than once as you expand your consciousness… you will come closer and closer to the Truth of who and what you are.

    Because, I know, you are not some little creature crawling around on a rock flying through space… No! … there's much, much more to it, but, first, you must acknowledge it and getting your mind model in line with that Truth is your first step… Take it!!!

    Malama Pono!