Reply To: Need assistance with PSTEC Negative


    Just do the opposite

    “I love my children”

    Erase “I hate my children”

    If you believe you're a failure

    Erase “I'm a failure”

    Also try things like

    Erase ” I fear failure”

    They cutting things from different angles.

    For this example you might believe you're a failure but maybe you might believe this because you fear failure or failing its self.

    Try hitting beliefs from different angles

    Then you can PP from different angles as well.


    “I am liberated from fear of failure”

    “I will grow stronger and more determined if I fail”

    The first sentence suggests you are no longer a failure or feel like one.

    The second sentence suggests that failing in life is normal and if it were to happen you would feel more empowered and stronger.

    Doing this you will make you push forward to success and even if success dosnt come you won't be set back if it were to happen.

    I find its best to always hit beliefs from every angle. One that tells you are powerful and determined and the other that guards you from slipping back into old habits when things don't turn out the way you want in the future.

    You see what I'm saying?