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      Hi All,

      I read both of Tim's pdf user guides and I just have one confusion. Does the belief have to written in big letters on the paper or does the size matter? Also the three or four things that contradict the belief do I write them right under the belief?

      PSTEC User

        Just write them in big letters

        I AM A FAILURE

        I don't think it matters much about spacing I usually put “it is my” on first line “belief I am” on second and “a failure” on third.

        Something along those lines

        PSTEC User

          Ok cool, what about the contracting things, is that below as well?

          PSTEC User

            Sorry man what do you mean contracting things?

            PSTEC User

              Is cool man, I spelled it wrong, check out the attachment.

              PSTEC User

                Just do the opposite

                “I love my children”

                Erase “I hate my children”

                If you believe you're a failure

                Erase “I'm a failure”

                Also try things like

                Erase ” I fear failure”

                They cutting things from different angles.

                For this example you might believe you're a failure but maybe you might believe this because you fear failure or failing its self.

                Try hitting beliefs from different angles

                Then you can PP from different angles as well.


                “I am liberated from fear of failure”

                “I will grow stronger and more determined if I fail”

                The first sentence suggests you are no longer a failure or feel like one.

                The second sentence suggests that failing in life is normal and if it were to happen you would feel more empowered and stronger.

                Doing this you will make you push forward to success and even if success dosnt come you won't be set back if it were to happen.

                I find its best to always hit beliefs from every angle. One that tells you are powerful and determined and the other that guards you from slipping back into old habits when things don't turn out the way you want in the future.

                You see what I'm saying?

                PSTEC User

                  Also for my last post you don't always have to follow with a failure sentence

                  Start by saying ” Success can come more easily for me now” or something along those lines.

                  I like suggestions that slowly move you forward

                  Instead of saying “I'm successful” or “I will always be successful” say something softer like “it's possible” or “I can be more successful”

                  If you just say I'm successful it isn't really realistic. Sure you might not feel like a failure anymore or believe it, but you haven't done anything yet to be successful. It's too demanding and hard on the brain. It's like saying “I'm the best”. Well how are you the best? Why not say “I am slowly becoming the best at everything I do” or “I can become the best at everything I do “

                  See what I'm saying?

                  Good luck man

                  Im just an ordinary dude who has always been fascinated with the mind. Jeff is the man that can help you more, but hopefully this is helping you.

                  PSTEC User


                    What could be 4 or 5 things that contradict this sentence.

                    I'm afraid of what other people might think of me.

                    What do you think?

                    PSTEC User

                      I care less and less what people think of me

                      Not everyone has to like me and that's okay

                      Peoples opinions of me matter less now

                      I love and accept myself no matter what

                      Those who judge me are only judging themselves

                      Criticism against me makes me stronger

                      I am happy and proud of who I am

                      The more confidence and love you have for yourself the less you will care what others think of you. So you can attack this by suggesting others thoughts don't bother you and also suggest how much you love yourself and how confident you are in yourself. This will inforce a solid brick wall to others comments about you

                      PSTEC User

                        Thanks for the quick response bro! One more question, so I can use affirmations that relate to that sentence as contradicting things for pstec negative?

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