Reply To: Need assistance with PSTEC Negative


    Also for my last post you don't always have to follow with a failure sentence

    Start by saying ” Success can come more easily for me now” or something along those lines.

    I like suggestions that slowly move you forward

    Instead of saying “I'm successful” or “I will always be successful” say something softer like “it's possible” or “I can be more successful”

    If you just say I'm successful it isn't really realistic. Sure you might not feel like a failure anymore or believe it, but you haven't done anything yet to be successful. It's too demanding and hard on the brain. It's like saying “I'm the best”. Well how are you the best? Why not say “I am slowly becoming the best at everything I do” or “I can become the best at everything I do “

    See what I'm saying?

    Good luck man

    Im just an ordinary dude who has always been fascinated with the mind. Jeff is the man that can help you more, but hopefully this is helping you.