Reply To: Recalling emotions while tapping


    If you don't recall a memory just make one up.

    If its a fear of taking a risk, lets say… Imagine looking at a roulette table and being anxious and afraid of losing all of your money you just put down. CT the anxiety while waiting for the outcome. CT imagining the sadness guilt and shame as that ball lands on red instead of black. CT all of the feelings that come after you have lost everything, your money, your house, your gf/wife etc.

    For fear of uncertainty, gambles, risks You can also imagine a woman saying to you “take a chance with me” as you avoid taking the risk of love or affection. Imagine her walking away and you feeling sad guilty ashamed that you passed up on the opportunity.

    Not being able to tolerate uncertainty and risks is one of the biggest issues and its because of this we miss out on happiness. There's beliefs that create it but its good for pushing yourself forward when you feel stuck in life and need to overcome issues.

    This is just am example of how you can use CTs. Don't CT a belief just make up a scenario in your head. Your sub will connect the dots.

    For a belief about being ugly. Again imagine yourself looking in the mirror in disgust, CT the feelings. Imagine someone telling you how ugly you are and CT the feelings.

    If you're like me, most of your beliefs come from yourself. People don't actually tell you you're ugly you just believe you are for whatever reason. You don't have to have memories of others, you can just make up imaginary scenarios where you might tell yourself you're worthless or garbage at things. Just go with the flow and play around with things, it really works.