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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hey Sarge…

    I used the voice clip 1 for 6:07 seconds before my hand hit my lap. I then shut it of
    Continue with the track until the end no matter when your hand reaches the bottom, but remember to try hard to keep it up and move it slowly… just try and keep it up.

    I also focused vaguely on a situation I was in that brought up some feelings I had no idea where they were coming from (what the cause was). I'm mostly using CR as a “cause eliminator”, is that the right application of it and have I used it correctly?
    You ought to be focusing on the issue as you see it today, not necessarily on a specific situation or memory.  If you have a specific memory that has emotional intensity, then use the Click Tracks or EEF's for those.

    Also another thing I was wondering is regards to memories. From what I understand, CR on an issue causes the sub to collect all relevant experiences that led to the issue. Now, what about CR on a memory that was near the start of the issue?
    Yes, the sub will move those per instructions far in to the future and then into the trash can.  If you have a specific memory that you are conscious of and the emotional intensity, then CT that or use the EEF.

    I have an issue and know for certain that one of my memories contributed heavily to it but am not sure how. I've done CT on this memory a few times but still have the issue. Would it be beneficial to CR on THAT memory, or, in the case of CR, is it best to find the issue's manifestation as close to the present as possible?
    Don't worry how the memory affects your current state… it's does not matter why it only matters that you identify those memories and emotions and then target them with the CT/EEF.  Remember, this is not intellectual work, so, again, don't worry about “why” because the sub is often quite illogical.

    Use Clip 2 without focusing on anything
    If you don't focus on any issue, then the subconscious will not know what to target… will not know what Tim is talking about in terms of the shifts.

    Also, I'm wondering if using CR while IN a triggering situation is a good idea. For example, I have a fear of aliens I've had since I can remember (3 or 4 years old). I've got a few movies with aliens in them that freak me out (why do we like scaring ourselves, anyways? lol) and I'm wondering if I could watch the movie WHILE using CR at the trigger moments.
    I would not do this because it takes away from proper concentration.

    If you discover a trigger, let's say a  movie as you said, then imagine watching the movie and TRY HARD to feel the unpleasant feeling while using the CT/EEF.