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    Ok, I'm a bit confused so bear with me:

    First of all, the issues I have are memories (in that I remember feeling a certain way after going out) BUT I don't know WHY I'm feeling that way or what is causing it. Basically what happens is I go out, lets say to the store. I'm working on approaching girls now, so I do that. While doing that, some unpleasant feeling comes up and I stop talking to her. I don't know why, I just do! So, when I get home, I use CR on that instance, hoping it will find the causal events and “fix them up” for me as well.

    Isn't that what the CR is for?

    I guess a better question is: what is CR for and how do I use it? The instructions aren't very clear. Tim mentions targeting the “problem” (but even something like debt is a problem!) or the feeling.

    From the answers you gave me, it seems that the EEFs/CT are better suited for feelings, so what, then, do you target with the CR?

    Hope that makes sense, and thanks for your continued help.