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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hey Sarge…

    Let's define terms more specifically that will help us communicate more effectively about this…

    The “issue” would be what the problem is… for example: I get nervous and can't talk to women.  That is the issue.

    The “memories” or also “imagined events” are specific experiences in your mind; we refer to memories (usually) when they are past and refer to imagined events to those we imagine that will occur in the future (although imagine events can also apply to the past.  Important point is that the subconscious does not really know the difference in terms of “effect” of memories vs. imagined events.  So, in doing PSTEC, treat them basically in the same manner.

    First of all, the issues I have are memories (in that I remember feeling a certain way after going out) BUT I don't know WHY I'm feeling that way or what is causing it.

    *** IMPORTANT ***
    As I mentioned in the last post; do not worry about “Why.”

    In your example, simple remember that moment, rate the feeling as it feels NOW about the memory as if you are “there again,” then TRY HARD to feel the feeling while running the CT/EEF.

    I go out, lets say to the store. I'm working on approaching girls now, so I do that. While doing that, some unpleasant feeling comes up and I stop talking to her. I don't know why, I just do! So, when I get home, I use CR on that instance, hoping it will find the causal events and “fix them up” for me as well.

    Now, with this, use the imagined event in the same process as I described above using the CT/EEF.  You see?  targeting memories and imagined events that have an emotional charge are done in the same fashion using the CT/EEF.

    As you do this, memories may arise as well.  DO NOT question them, judge them, analyze them or deem them unimportant/not relevant, etc.  Just take that memory, TRY HARD to feel the feeling and CT it!

    Isn't that what the CR is for?
    I guess a better question is: what is CR for and how do I use it? The instructions aren't very clear. Tim mentions targeting the “problem” (but even something like debt is a problem!) or the feeling.
    From the answers you gave me, it seems that the EEFs/CT are better suited for feelings, so what, then, do you target with the CR?

    Again, the problem is more the statement of the issue in a more global way within your mind.  So, with CR, follow the instructions and focus on the problem, let's say approaching women and on the feeling that it invokes when you think about having that problem… i.e. nervous, fearful, etc.

    CR as well as the CT's and EEF's are all used to release emotions but in different ways.

    * If you have specific memories that invoke unpleasant emotions, then CT them.
    * If you have a problem that invokes unpleasant emotions but it's “too large” where you can't pinpoint specific memories as the cause, then go with CR (that's one application).

    When you use CR, specific memories may arise as well and if they have unpleasant emotions, then CT/EEF them.

    Using CR does not preclude the use of the CT's or EEF's.

    Make more sense?