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    Kind of makes more sense Jeff, lemme run it past you once more and you can tell me if I got it right:

    So, you said:

    “* If you have specific memories that invoke unpleasant emotions, then CT them.
    * If you have a problem that invokes unpleasant emotions but it's “too large” where you can't pinpoint specific memories as the cause, then go with CR (that's one application).”

    In my mind, everything would use the CT/EEFs because everything is a memory unless it's being experienced NOW, is that right?

    So, if I'm at home CT on some memories of an interaction I just had, I'd use EEFs. If, however, I'm at home and I'm feeling anxiety for no apparent reason, then I use the CR, is that right?

    Finally, if I'm feeling that SAME anxiety, but wait till later to work on it and no longer feel it, I would once again use the EEFs on the memory of the anxiety.

    That's how I see what you're saying.