Reply To: Has anyone been able to cure blushing?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Salex

    Thanks fo being open and giving us some more information to work with.

    My first point is that what you need to realise is that you are not aiming to, not blush. You are aiming to be confident enough in all situations that the blush does not occur. This is ineffect replacing the habit of blushing with a habit of not blushing, but not blushing is a negative which if you could suddenly stop would leave a vacuum, something your subconscious cannot accept. So more pushing out the old with something new.

    Blushing is a reaction to situations, it is the physical side of a feeling or feelings. You react to the situation with feelings/emotions which show on the outside. This is often made worse by anticipating the reaction because it has happened that way so many times before, you sort of know you are going to and feel helplesss about it as well while it happens. Furthermore if any one notices or worse comments on this, it exacerbates the feelings. Have I got this about right?

    Since the problem is underneath an emotional one, the first tool to use would be the Click Tracks and in this case the eefs. Apologies if you have already tried these things but as I do not know I may as well start from the beginning.

    • Click Tracking any recent events that caused you to blush and any past particularly memorable occasions. The first ever if you can recall it.
    • Click Tracking  future imagined situations that you know would cause it to happen.
    • Click Tracking that fear of authority figures. Parents Doctors teachers anyone who singled you out when young and possibly “told you off” in front of others particularly girls. Possibly any occasisions where you were “put down” by peers in front of others in a group. Situations where you were made to feel “small” or “stupid” usually in front of others particularly if it was unwarranted or unfair, not your fault.
    • Click Tracking any feeling of desperation to get this “over with”.
    • Click Tracking any fear that you will blush again soon.
    • [/list]Then we can move on to working the positive side of things as well. But how far have you got with some of the above?