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Paul McCabe
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    Hi Salex,

    In addition to Peter's excellent post, I wanted to add a few “morsels”, as I experienced myself blushing quite a lot in my younger years. Blushing has sort of a loop-like effect: you do not want to blush and fear it, and this can actually intensify the blushing and the worry about blushing.

    So, there are different layers to this and I appreciate you will already know this.

    Firstly, as Peter has mentioned, I'd be pretty sure that the blushing itself is the SYMPTOM (in much the same way as a runny nose may be the symptom of a cold) you want to eliminate, but the cause is ultimately what you are targeting.

    From a “hardware” point of view, it is said that there are remedies that can lessen or eliminate blushing. However,e I personally do not see a benefit in taking something (remedies) for the hardware, when your software (mind model) can be tweaked efficiently.

    Insert…everything Peter suggested to tackle the issue you are experiencing.

    Also, you might look at PSTEC Negative to work on some beliefs/assumptions about blushing, authority types and people in general. For one thing, not every person believes that blushing or showing nerves is a bad thing; some people find it quite endearing and will not be bothered by someone blushing.

    The worry about blushing would seem to be linked to patterns of negative self-esteem, fear of the opinions of others and some perfectionism (a coping strategy for the aforementioned issues). Those can definitely be handled with the PSTEC tools, your persistence and really rooting out the source of the issues.

    I could write much more about this topic with some more suggestions, but there is certainly enough in what Peter wrote to really get “stuck into” this issue and make significant strides.

    Best of luck with it and please let everyone know how you get on.


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