Reply To: Has anyone been able to cure blushing?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Salex

    Firstly PSTEC cannot “cure” you! You are the one that sorts out the problem, because you want to. PSTEC is just a bunch of tools you use to help you change. This is more like a smoker choosing to become a non-smoker. Lack of confidence/self worth/self esteem (IMO all much the same thing) is caused by lack of control over yourself and or your local environment. Everytime you blush you lose some, on the other hand every time you make a positive step towards your goal, you gain. Confidence if you like being gained by accepting self responsibilty rather than the opposite of blaming someone/something else and being the “victim” of your past and circumstances.

    There is much more to say but rather than make this a very long post, I will pause here and ask you if you are OK with the above so far?

    Have I suggested that if you have not already done so download FREE Wealth of Abundance which is a hypnotic track from Tim. It is about gratitude and for what you have and do not have yet. This is another aspect of self worth/self esteem that will help you to reach your goal.

    More later…