Reply To: Which PSTEC for a specific Insomnia issue


    Hi Jeff
    thank you for your reply. 
    I haven't as yet progressed to the Negative / Positives as the basic (free) click tracks have done the job. :-)
    I can't believe how easy and quick it was.  In all I used the click tracks just 4 times, each on separate consecutive days.
    After the 2nd use, I knew it was going but used it a couple more times in bed before I was ready to fall asleep, just in case. 
    I've been sleeping perfectly for a week now, (without any sleeping aids) without even a hint of insomnia and the short gasps of breath have completely disappeared. 
    In regards to my thoughts about sleep, I feel just like I did years ago before it started.  It's like I can remember I've had insomnia but I can't 'feel' that I had insomnia.  I have no anxiety about it during the day or evening, in fact I struggle to even think about sleep/sleep issues at all. 
    It's simply gone!
    It's amazing and an amazing tool
    I'm going to get the positive and negative in any case as I guess after my own experience, anything is possible.
    Merry Christmas eveyone xx