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      Hi everyone
      I'm wondering what PSTEC approach might be useful to solve a specific problem with Insomnia.

      Bit of background I have suffered with Insomnia for over 15 years. Prior to the initial episode I slept extremely well.  Looking back I'm sure it was due to the relationship I was in at the time.  I was engaged but did not want to get married, and couldn't practically exit the relationship without ending up in debt and upseting my parents etc. This was definitely the underlying anxiety.  THe actual trigger for the insomnia was that I was due to drive to London from Lancashire the following day, which I'd done numerous times previously.  I had an early night so I was fresh for the drive but the thought that I had to have a good nights sleep meant that I invariably lay awake worrying that I must get to sleep, had to sleep and of course it was about 5am before I fell asleep.  I had to ring in sick and so it began. 
      Initially anytime I had to be somewhere important, I couldn't sleep.  Then it increased to every Sunday night regardless of the following day.  Then increased to every work night.  Then finally it was everynight including weekends.  I tried every possible alternative theraphy, went to a hypnotherapist etc – nothing worked.  After 2 years of this living nightmare I finally succumbed to going to the Dr's for sleeping tablets.  Actually he just dismissed me with the comment “something is wrong in your life and you need to sort it out” This was actually a turning point – I formulated an exit from the relationship and slowly but surely sleep started to improve and my insomnia receeded although for the next 12 years, sleep has been a fixation for me and I undertake a number of specific rituals etc, regularly take Valerian etc in order to protect my ability to sleep.

      September this year, I had a presentation to do the following day – again nothing that I haven't done before umpteen times and I went to bed as normal, no anxiety and had a fleeting thought that this could be a typical night that I could get Insomnia.  And within a microsecond it was back, like it had never been away. And very quickly the pattern repeated.  First, important early starts, then Sunday nights, then some weekdays, then all weekdays and in the last couple of weeks, weekends as well.  It's now all days.

      I have no specific anxieties at present that I can think of. Like most chronic insomniacs, the issue is normally anxiety about the insomnia itself and the resulting patterns it forms.

      I've had a couple of sessions with a Psych K practitioner and this has helped with the anxiety I get around Insomnia and some beliefs around “having to please everyone/dont be late/must be a good person etc” 
      I also recently downloaded Say Goodnight to Insomnia which has helped change the way I think about sleep and this is hugely effective too.

      Both the above have helped with the feelings I have around insomnia e.g. during the day, when going to bed etc. 

      However a new 'thing' has now developed, about 2 weeks ago.  Here's the pattern
      I go to bed (don't feel anxoius about it)
      I start to drift off with mind going in and out of conciousness. I've learnt this is Stage 1 of sleep
      Just as I start to leave waking conciousness, moving from stage 1 to stage 2, I experience a short sharp gasp of breath.  I believe this is related to something called K Complexes and Sleep Spindles which occure moving through the stages as the brain tries to retain awareness of its surroundings (bit like extinction bursts maybe) These are quite normal and everyone does them.  Mine seem to have attached a gasp of breath to them which arouses me from the woozy state.  In itself I am fine with them. they don't jolt me awake as such but I know it will be 15-20 mins before I can reach woozy state again.  It then happens again and repeats for about 4 times.  As I know that this pattern will keep me awake for about 1hr, I get anxious and then all is lost.
      Interestingly I feel this new thing is an attempt from my sub-concious to hang on to the insomnia as I address it.

      I had thought that if I could just find a hypotherapist who alter the subconcious and stop these gasps from happening, I would be ok
      At this point I came across PSTEC at the weekend.
      I have used the free click tracks a couple of times to help reduce any latent anxiety about “insomnia” in its totality.  Last night when I was stressing because of the gasps I used it in the middle of the night when the anxiety was real and happening and it is a massive help.  I found the wozzy state and fell asleep almost instantly afterwards.

      I really want to address these gasps.  I can't conjure up any negative emotions/memories of them as in themselves don't seem to cause me anxiety.  I just want them to stop.  I have ready a little about PSTEC negative and PSTEC positive and wonder if either of these could help re-program the sub-concious to just stop the gasps.  I've tried with Psych K to input a new belief about them but struggle to form a positive belief without mentioning them in the statement.

      Apologies for the long post and background
      Many Thanks if you can help

      Jeff Harding
      PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

        Hey MDJO!

        The mind model that one has produced … that's everyone … consists of references to emotions, beliefs and behaviors.  The Law of 3 as Tim calls them.  You currently have a mind model that say insomnia is an issue and a part of that mind model lacks confidence that you can or will solve this problem at least without an extraordinary mount of effort and attention.

        Can that shift?  Of course!!

        Your inspiration is warranted about PSTEC Negative and PSTEC Positive because while the Click Tracks and EEFs do an incredible job of shifting emotions as you have experienced (and sometimes when the emotions shift, beliefs and behaviors can too, but not always nor often with certain situations); both PN and PP are excellent at shifting from limiting beliefs to empowering and enjoyable beliefs.

        So, take the time (hey, you're worth it!!!) to invest with PN and PP and they can be used to help you on this!

        Aloha nui!

        PSTEC User

          Hi Jeff
          thank you for your reply. 
          I haven't as yet progressed to the Negative / Positives as the basic (free) click tracks have done the job. :-)
          I can't believe how easy and quick it was.  In all I used the click tracks just 4 times, each on separate consecutive days.
          After the 2nd use, I knew it was going but used it a couple more times in bed before I was ready to fall asleep, just in case. 
          I've been sleeping perfectly for a week now, (without any sleeping aids) without even a hint of insomnia and the short gasps of breath have completely disappeared. 
          In regards to my thoughts about sleep, I feel just like I did years ago before it started.  It's like I can remember I've had insomnia but I can't 'feel' that I had insomnia.  I have no anxiety about it during the day or evening, in fact I struggle to even think about sleep/sleep issues at all. 
          It's simply gone!
          It's amazing and an amazing tool
          I'm going to get the positive and negative in any case as I guess after my own experience, anything is possible.
          Merry Christmas eveyone xx

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