Reply To: Depression

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Aloha Zoey!

    Well, as with anything, if there is a physical issue to deal with, consult with your physician.

    Delving into the cause of someone's state of depression can be done by simply aksing questions to begin to get more at the source or cause of that mind model that views the world and life as depressing.

    So, to give you the simple answer to how to discover what is causing your state of depression… ask!

    I am depressed because ____________________

    You have hinted at one aspects as, “… absence of joy…”

    There is no joy because _______________

    These types of questions and delving can be done on your own, but, for some, it's difficult because the mind model merely sees a world that is inherently depressing and does not see that it's merely their personal perception.  So, getting a practitioner to help can be very beneficial and speed up your movement out of that mind model and allowing a new, more free and… dare I say … joyful mind model!

    One other thought…

    Many people see no joy because “nothing in life comes my way.. no reason to be joyful” … now, that, in essence, says that their goals and desires are, for the most part unfulfilled.  It's a matter of not being able to manifest their desires in life… simple as that … and that is due to a mind model that will not allow abundance into life because lack is how the world is viewed.  You see?

    Why is lack viewed so strongly?

    * Because of emotional experiences that were painful when one desired abundance and was denied.
    * Because of beliefs that were acquired from others with the same view that the world is lacking and there is not hope.
    * Because of behaviors that were developed, again, with the help of others in the “mentor” or authoritative role showing and “proving” that the world is one of lack.

    Shifting the mind model is about letting go of the old one… the limited and painful one … and allowing or “building” a new one.  As your perception shifts, so does your experience and your results.

    So, begin with discovering the aspects of the mind model that are painful and limiting and then targeting the appropriate PSTEC Tools to “erase” or reprogram them.


    Malama Pono!