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Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Zoey!
    if I'm to use pstec positive with something like 'I am whole perfect strong powerful loving harmonious and happy'

    When you run PSTEC Positive (PP) with any suggestion, be sure to keep the suggestion to one single thought.  So, you can take that sentence and break it up into several suggestions which not only makes the suggestion simpler for the subconscious to assimilate but also doing multiple PP sentences will help reinforce the intention.

    So, something like this…

    I am whole
    I am perfect
    I am strong
    I am powerful
    I am loving
    I am harmonious
    I am happy

    Now, those are great, but I would also add a specific sentence or more for each one to solidify them.  So, “I am whole”… what does that mean to you?  Can you be more specific in “describing” it so that the subconscious has a better idea of what than means?  You see what I mean?  Craft those other sentences to suggest those to the sub so that they help “support” the overall belief that “I am whole.”

    And/or, you can use “because” in that sentence, such as:

    “I am whole because my conscious and subconscious minds work together”
    … something like that… although that sentence still is a bit vague.

    So, it's ok to use more general sentences and it may just work find, but “supporting” that general sentence with other more specific ones will help your PP work be more effective.

    is there a number of times I should use it?
    Until it has been assimilated by the subconscious… the number, time, frequency all vary from person to person and issue to issue.  Do it until it is known that it is a part of your mind model.  If you lack progress, reassess and delve a bit deeper for beliefs that are contrary and still intact for you.

    Also, helpful to erase negative beliefs with PSTEC Negative prior to running PP.

    Can you tell when your subconscious has accepted a suggestion and if so, how?

    Yes, I can!  ;D

    But, I believe you are asking how YOU can tell, yah?  ;)

    Over time and with practice, you get to know your own Mind and as you do, no one will know better than you.  For me, I call it a “knowing.”  I just… know … I have little or no doubts … few thoughts that invade my mind contrary to my desires and intentions. Be consistent and persistent and you will get to know it more and more.  Initially, it's difficult to know the beliefs that are subconscious because… well… they are subconscious.

    Most of all, look for results… how do you react to situations … how do you feel regarding situations compared to previously…do the same limiting thoughts occur and are they as “loud” as they used to be?  Do you feel you have the power to merely ignore the limiting thoughts and move in the direction you desire?

    So, one reason I like to use a specific action that is illustrative of your limitations is that you can test it out… see if you can take actions that were previously, seemingly impossible.  Try it out … as you do, you may become aware of other emotions, beliefs and behaviors that are still a part of the barriers and then address those.

    That specific action becomes your barometer and also as you frame PP statements, you can use that specific reference for the PP sentences, such as, using your example:

    When I go to work I feel powerful

    Make sense?