Reply To: Porn Induced ED


    I am wondering more about this as ive just had a recent experience where my body wouldnt perform as it use to and didnt matter how turned on mentally, physically i couldnt rise to the occasion.

    Porn/masturbation addiction has taken and wasted alot of time and energy from fulfilling goals, isolating myself from meaningful connections with others, and a multitude of other problems that has come with it. It could stem from trauma/neglect/abuse as a child which i know how to work on with pstec negative. Its all a bit vague at the moment as i havent actively tried to work on it yet so just trying to spitball some thoughts for some input.

    I did see in the book to have hobbies to replace the addiction.

    From a pstec positive aspect how would i redirect all that energy and time into creating a positive habit?

    It looks like a bit of a tricky one as there is so many layers to it and can effect people in multiple ways at the one time.
    I am planning on writing out a list to CT the negatives and start on the list tonight.

    If there is more that is needed to be known as specifics please ask i wont hesitate to answer and if you have feeling of stepping on eggshells please dont, that intensity of trauma ect isnt there anymore just the habit is left over.

    Any input would be greatly welcomed.

    Thank you