Reply To: Porn Induced ED

Daniel Wynn

    Thats something i already believe and have no trouble with believing, i am fully confident in that respect, its about straying off of porn/masturbation induced ED and replacing it with something positive that can use up that energy and time that was wasted.


    Hi there,

    Everybody is different, i don't know you personally. So i can't know what interest you on a personal level. There are many things that spring to mind though regarding a more healthy set of behaviours. Such as

    “Now Meditation is much more rewarding than porn”
    “Porn is a waste of time, exercise is a better release now”
    “Reading stimulates my mind more than porn ever could”

    I think you get the message? Replace porn with things that help you become a better person, and give it time. I would continue to use positive statements for a few days to a week. What would you rather fill your time with than porn?

    Also i would remove all of the negativity around it. All the guilt, isolation you feel. I think a lot of times we think holding onto such feelings somehow will prevent us from acting out that way, but its false, and very counterproductive. Holding on keeps us trapped in that revolving door, just going round and around. Knowledge is all we need, so remove it all. Then i would personally plant in more positive suggestions of what porn really is, fake, exploitation etc. To further affirm the message home (if you need to) and how you are a better person without it NOW.

    Take your time, its no race. Remember the aim isn't to reinvent yourself, its to accept yourself. So accept the problem, and find peace with it.