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Paul McCabe
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Hi Akandi,

    Thanks for your post.

    For ED, you may wish to look at lifestyle choices (stress, smoking, alcohol intake etc.)

    I guess this has already been handled, but I just want to leave that there for others, as there can be medical and lifestyle considerations too.

    From reading your initial post, it seems to me that some beliefs may be getting in the way here. You may wish to see if any of these feel true to you and then you can eliminate them (with PSTEC Negative or the Belief Blasters – follow the instructions for the chosen track):

    “If I don't perform well, people will think less of me”
    “I'm a disappointment”
    “It is dangerous to be intimate”
    “I'm inadequate”
    “It is bad to be imperfect”

    If these seem to be present, please eliminate them. Doing so will be very liberating and can knock out other emotions.

    ED can be triggered by and cause frustration and disappointment. It can also be triggered by anticipatory anxiety. All of this can be obiterated with the Click Tracks.

    So, you may wish to consider times when you have felt:

    – you disappointed others (look at experiences with your parents too)
    –  disappointed in others
    – “less than” others
    – a pressure to perform (in many contexts)
    – that you couldn't live up to the expectations of others
    – that people would speak critically of you if you didn't do a good job
    – you will “definitely” suffer ED again

    You could make a note of these and see what comes to mind. Perhaps you could run an Accelerator tapping track to bring up causal events linked to the pattern.

    When you have the events in mind, you can run a Wrapper track from Click Track 2015, trying to feel either the frustration or disappointment and then run the long version of CT2015.

    Rate the feelings before and after and then keep going until this is a 0 or 1. You may need to run the track a couple of times.

    If you worked on frustration first, you may benefit from seeing whether disappointment is present. You could then neutralise this in the same way.

    There are so many ways to approach this.

    After you eliminate the beliefs and CT the unwanted emotions, I recommend running PQT and layering in the following:

    “From now on, I will feel completely at ease in intimate situations”
    “I have always been good enough and now I can relax”
    “I thought porn was real, but I was wrong”
    “I can perform easily now, as it makes sense”
    “It is absolutely safe for me to enjoy intimacy now”

    You can re-word as you see fit, and even add some “amplifiers.”

    I hope that helps.

    See how you get on and please let us know.

    Paul :-)

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