Reply To: PSTEC Neg on deep, core beliefs

Peter Bunyan

    Hi asak

    “I am wondering what PSTEC Neg would do on beliefs like those:”It is my belief that I exist””It is my belief that I am human””It is my belief the world exists”
    “It is my belief I can feel negative emotions”

    Probably not a lot. They are not negative beliefs but more neutral statements without much emotion attached.The PSTEC tools work best using the right tools for the right job in the right order. While you are free to experiment in any way you choose with them it would be more sensible to use them as recommended first until you are familiar with them and understand the way they work. In this way you will not come to any harm as the tools are perfectly safe and beneficial in so many ways.

    Yes the sub is very protective but this does not mean that it is always doing the right thing for you. A negative belief could have be implanted from a traumatic experience you experienced when you were young. This sort of thing is quite common… you fail a maths assignment at school and your teacher bawls you out in front of the rest of the class “You'll never be any good at maths”. You feel small and stupid, humiliated. You are young and still developing and teacher is a respected authority figure you believe him/her. Believing you are “no good at maths” is a self fulfilling belief which can hold your career and life back, just because you failed once. Such things are reversible with the help of PSTEC even many years later.

    If say you have a fear of heights then there is a protection aspect involved. If this fear is stopping you working up ladders and you wish to be a painter/decorator then it can be dealt with using PSTEC tools. But having achieved this it would not make you believe yourself indestructible without fear, just more aware of the risks and able to take the right measures without the debilitating paralyzing fear stopping you doing something you want to do.

    Hope this helps