Reply To: Phone Sessions

Steve Blampied

    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for your reply.

    To clarify, my point is that with the way the tracks are currently licensed I feel it breaks the flow of a session.

    As an example; if I were to see a client face to face and I felt I wanted to use a particular click track I would just pull up the track on my mp3 player there and then.  I could also suggest they buy the track through my affiliate link to use themselves.

    However if I'm doing a phone session I don't have that ability to provide the track immediately. To me that breaks the flow of a session.

    I would like to have the track available for them to use for the duration of the session (but not keep) with a link to purchase it for download.

    That way they get the benefit of the track in that session and the option to buy it for their own use. I'm also aware that some clients might think this was a “pitch-fest” if I tell them they need to buy another track on top of paying for my time.

    I would much rather that the clients had the same experience whether seeing me in person or via phone.