Reply To: Phone Sessions

Steve Blampied

    Thanks Jeff,

    I suppose this is more about how I've been approaching my therapy work up to now.

    I don't advertise as an EFT or Matrix Practitioner. My wife and I advertise as Mind/Body Fitness Coaches without saying a lot about the tools we use, so many clients show up not having a clue about EFT or PSTEC.

    I was applying that kind of thinking to phone sessions, where the client showed up without any knowledge of PSTEC, but like you say it's easy enough to at least get them to download the Free tracks in advance.

    I spoke to Tim and got clarification on buying tracks through my own affiliate link, and getting them delivered to the client, which I think will work nicely.

    Aloha to you too Jeff – I've just looked up the true meaning of that word :)