Reply To: PSTec Think and Grow Rich question

Peter Bunyan

    Hi requin
    The TGR program can be used for any goal, dream, ambition or target. Although the original book talks a lot about money it was written during the big depression. So the title was geared to making the book sell, it worked! It is really the process which is important, so  insert your own goals which are important to you. Tim has added to the book a number of specific tracks and tutorials using the power of PSTEC to help things along. For TGR subscribers there is a forum for members only so that you can share and work with others.
    There is also the How to Achieve Almost Anything the Easy Way package which is a large tutorial and geared to much the same purpose. Other packages besides the Basic Click Tracks are recommended.
    Knowing what you really want, removing any fears and doubts with Click Tracks and then Positives to re-enforce belief that it will happen,  might be all you need. The others add more detailed step by step instructions.
    Hope this helps you,