Reply To: PSTec Think and Grow Rich question


    Hi Peter,
    Well I have several of the PSTec programs including PS Positive and Negative, as well as the free standard tracks of course.  I haven't used them in months; and have never actually buckled down and used them systematically.  It's actually a fair amount of work…(which is why I don't stick with it, I think) but I do have great faith in it.  …So I think the first step I'll take is to pull out my battery of current PSTec and try to start using it more productively.  My great goal of finding (and keeping) the love of my life will never happen if I don't get rid of so much psychological junk that keeps sabotaging things.  :-  I had found him, so I thought, but he left after a year.  I believe it was my insecurity that did it, although it was subconscious. 

    I'll also probably read Think and Grow Rich, as that goes along w/ what I've been studying/learning lately– putting positive life ideas into my subconscious.  I love Joseph Murphy's book Power of the Subconscious Mind, and have just ordered a few more of his books. 

    I also study Neville Goddard and I like how PSTec fits nicely with all of this!  But like anything else, have to use it to be useful!