Reply To: Should I poke into painful triggers?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Requin
    It  seems to me that you need to get clear in your own mind whether you want to get back together again or “its all over” and move on. Only you know what is best for you but one or the other.  They seem to me  to be mutually incompatible goals.

    Yes the CTs could be used to clear negative feelings from those texts, again only if you feel that they are holding you back. If you go ahead then have the phone in front of you while running the tracks. The memories remain only the feelings linked to them go. But you would have to focus hard on the bad feelings as the CTs can remove the good ones as well. Emotions that might be called bittersweet I believe are part of life good and not so good, sadness is not the problem, but anger, bitterness and guilt are just plain not good.
    The priorities I believe in terms of clearing emotions are any thing that makes you angry as it is such a destructive emotion then Guilt or blaming yourself for the break-up. These apply whether you want to get back together or not.
    If you have not already done so I suggest that you download Wealth of Abundance from here and listen every night for a week (It is FREE). It is a hypnotic track by Tim which will help build confidence, forgiveness and self-love. All of which will help you achieve your goals what ever they are. This is a more positive way forward without poking into painful triggers which sound suspiciously like emotional self-harm.