Reply To: Should I poke into painful triggers?

Peter Bunyan


    Forgot to mention another top emotion to get clear of is Jealousy, if present it's so corrosive.

    Beyond those you mentioned “insecurities”. Behind all of these is low self-esteem, the “I'm not good enough/not worth it/everyone else is better” sorts of feelings. Look back in your life to any situations where you were made to feel that way. Particularly when you were young, it could have been your parents, siblings, relatives or teachers who said things to you, possibly on multiple occasions. It is not necessarily that they did not care for or love you it could be that they handled the situation/s badly for you. If you can think of such incidents then CT those. Self-esteem is a measure how how you feel yourself in relation to other people, but you cannot build it by knocking down others. The way forward is to value yourself more. Once you have dealt with the past, then Positives can be used to build self-belief.