Reply To: I have a simple question

Peter Bunyan

    Gold Heart

    The package which I suggest is Level 1. This contains the eefs and Positives it also has a track for therapists. This last contains information about how the mind works and how and why to use the other tools. This information as I remember it forms the basis for the Level 1 examination. However you already have the Positives and the Therapists track as far as I know is not available anywhere else. So I am not sure where is best for you to go in that respect.
    The Accelerators which enhance the effectiveness of all other tracks which alongside Level 1 do form a sort of Core Set of PSTEC tools. Add to that Negatives and with all of those you can help almost everyone, with almost anything. The Tutorial Positive Secrets also contains a lot of information on how best to construct effective  Positive statements.
    Further down the track is the Advanced Package which explains the Mind Model.
    All of these tools and information I use for myself first and continue to use. Other PSTEC therapists who I have met do likewise.
    The Schools and Orgs I cannot answer although I have Mikes talk I do not know of a Special Edition Package of tools.
    Tim might well have new and unreleased packages being tested by some of the Master Therapists.