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      I'm so happy to have PSTEC as a tool and solutions to bring about more joy and success in my life and in helping others.

      I seem to be finding my way pretty well.  The question is so simple and yet I have to ask it to move forward.

      In a post Jeff and other members have talked about CC.  I haven't been able to find this CC anywhere else on the forum.  Which leads me to think that CC might be another  name for PN.

      “While using the CC on past situation, if any, in which you failed to handle responsibility, made a mistake, had an unfair and judgmental boss, got fired, etc…” Quote from Jeff.

      I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything. What is CC? ::)

      Peter Bunyan
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        Hi Gold Heart
        Glad to hear you are getting on well with PSTEC
        I have asked Jeff to answer your question as I need the exact thread or some more context to be sure of a good answer

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          Thank-you Peter
          for your speedy reply, In respect to the thread: http://pstecforum.com/pf/confused-and-not-sure-where-to-start/eefs-vs-pstec-negative/msg1641/#msg1641

          EEFs vs. PSTEC NEgative
          « on: September 25, 2014, 10:10:41 AM »

          As I look at this further, and read over what Jeff so kindly shared.  I’m thinking that CC typed by leslie0983 might have been a mistype. With the intention on typing PN.  If so than I’m not missing anything and she was talking about PN and Jeff kindly answered her.  If that is correct then I’m not missing any information.  :D
          Warm wishes and Many thanks for your guidance

          Gold Heart  :D 

          « Reply #2 on: September 25, 2014, 04:10:39 PM »
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          Jeff, seems like you recommend the PP chronologically over the PN? When would you use one over the other?

          Let's say you want to get promoted at work but the underlying thought process is that you won't be able to handle a higher level of responsibility, will make a mistake and get fired.

          While using the CC on past situation, if any, in which you failed to handle responsibility, made a mistake, had an unfair and judgmental boss, got fired, etc…

          …do you PP the belief that you are responsible, thoughtful and receive support and guidance from others?

          …or do you PN the belief that you are NOT responsible, are careless and people don't care about you.

          … or do you do both and does the order matter?

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          Jeff Harding

          o Re: EEFs vs. PSTEC NEgative
          « Reply #3 on: September 25, 2014, 09:31:48 PM »

          There are two thoughts there and there may be another at the root of that, but let's go with this for your example…

          Note: Let's just use this as an example, but your specifics may be different based upon some delving we would do, but, again, let's just use this example:

          1. Address the emotions as you suggested, sure… always begin by clearing the way a bit by neutralizing emotions…

          While using the CC on past situation, if any, in which you failed to handle responsibility, made a mistake, had an unfair and judgmental boss, got fired, etc…

          Also, consider imagining being in that new position… how do you feel?  any negative feelings, i.e. fear, anger, anxiety, etc? CT those feelings to 0-1.

          Peter Bunyan
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            Unless Jeff says otherwise my reading of that thread suggests that leslie0983 made a typo and it should have been CT. The set of packages Click Tracks followed by Negative then Positive and then possibly a Relaxational Accelerator used in this sequence is a truly powerful one. To me it is like broadside fired one after the other at a specific problem each one softening up the sub for the next blow. Using this sequence on myself one after the other in one session, left me feeling sleepy and tired, hence the final Accelerator.
            CC could apply to another package but it is not relevant to that thread.

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              Thank- you Peter,

              I've purchased the PSTEC Positive, including numbers 1 and 2.

              I'm looking to purchase the EEP and the Accelerators.  Probably sooner than later I will be purchasing a package to be a personal  PSTEC trainer.  So if I can purchase a package that has all that I need and will need.  I’m ready to do that.
              I see I have many options.  Which in my case leads to many questions:

              Jeff has been helpful in sending me links to listen to Mike Wells working  in the schools.  It has been very helpful.
              First question. About Mike Hall's training for  Special Edition:
              Click Tracks and EEf’s For Use with Schools and Other Organizations. Does this have the Accelerators in it? At this point that seems to be what I need.

              Although from the point of someone like your self, Jeff, Mike or Tim, I may be missing some information that I will be needing in the near future.

              Can  you point me in the right direction with a link or two?  I Love this system so much, I will be using it with my clients and I want to get the best information possible and product support.

              Warm wishes,

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              Peter Bunyan
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                The package which I suggest is Level 1. This contains the eefs and Positives it also has a track for therapists. This last contains information about how the mind works and how and why to use the other tools. This information as I remember it forms the basis for the Level 1 examination. However you already have the Positives and the Therapists track as far as I know is not available anywhere else. So I am not sure where is best for you to go in that respect.
                The Accelerators which enhance the effectiveness of all other tracks which alongside Level 1 do form a sort of Core Set of PSTEC tools. Add to that Negatives and with all of those you can help almost everyone, with almost anything. The Tutorial Positive Secrets also contains a lot of information on how best to construct effective  Positive statements.
                Further down the track is the Advanced Package which explains the Mind Model.
                All of these tools and information I use for myself first and continue to use. Other PSTEC therapists who I have met do likewise.
                The Schools and Orgs I cannot answer although I have Mikes talk I do not know of a Special Edition Package of tools.
                Tim might well have new and unreleased packages being tested by some of the Master Therapists.

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                  Thank-you Peter!  :D

                  The information you sent has helped me to logically pull together and make a good decision for today and to look forward for the future.

                  This morning I purchased the PSTEC Level 1 which has the EEF's in it.  I also purchased the Accelerators  :D.

                  Last night following Tim's suggestion, I listened to Karen Phizackerley about her success with reducing her pain and support in healing after Kidney transplant.  It is very helpful and inspiring.

                  I've had some successes with PSTEC and I'm looking forward to even more.

                  Thank-you so much for your help along the way.


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