Reply To: Two major successes with PSTEC


    Hi Requin
    I did try to avoid doing any of the tracks too close to bedtime, normally it was around 7pm. That said there was a couple of nights when I couldnt sleep and found myself lying in bed and getting frustrated so I did the free click track there and then, which really helped with the 'live' feelings, if that makes sense. 
    I feel the turning point for me was getting the ps positive statements really nailed down.  I decided to specify a specific time to be asleep and made al my statements use the word 'always' so there was no ambiguity. 
    I also read Dr Gregg Jacobs book ' say goodnight to insomnia' which i *think* is a cbt approach.  Whilst i didnt actually follow his programme, I felt it really useful for setting the scene that insomnia is always cured via the mind (rather than say pills). Its also really inspiring in that his 'mind' approach helps 90% of his patients come off the sleeping pills and cure insomnia permanently.  He has some very good insight of 'positive sleep thoughts'.