Two major successes with PSTEC

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      I just wanted to share my two success stories with PSTEC (I've only actually used it on these two issues so 100% success rate so far  ;D )

      First – insomnia.  I had suffered from chronic sleep-onset insomnia for just over 15 years.  I did post back earlier last year about it.  Anyway it is well and truly gone.

      I used the free click track to shift and clear all the emotions around my insomnia which were frustration (when I was still awake at 4am), anger (why can't I get rid of this), despair (this is never ending – will I be stuck with it for life type of stuff).  Interestingly using PSTEC also brought up some other feelings, maybe beliefs around “I must deserve this” which I also shifted. 

      The click track worked great but I found that I was still having occasional nights of insomnia but without the emotions.  I couldn't get to sleep but I didn't care or get frustrated by it.  So I bought PSTec Negative and PSTec Positive and started with those.  I shifted some of the beliefs around insomnia like “I can't be cured” “I'm stuck with it – nothing works” etc and then installed some new positive beliefs or probably better described as a new sleep programme with phrases like “I am always calm and relaxed about sleeping” and “I love sleeping” but found I was still having the odd 4am night.  So I came up with “I always fall asleep before midnight” which was the turning point I felt. 

      I've been sleeping like a log since and I'm so pleased and happy. Insomnia can be such a living hell and it used to completely dominate my life.  I'm fairly confident its gone for good as I can't now feel how it used to be – Like Tim says I can remember I had it, but can't remember how it used to feel. 

      Secondly – public speaking.  With a passion I hate public speaking. In fact my last bout of insomnia was triggered by having to do a 10 minute introduction to an event I was involved with. 

      Anyway a really good opportunity presented itself about 5 weeks ago when I was asked to speak as a guest speaker at a University around my subject area.  I knew if I could do it, the follow on opportunities would be immense but tbh I'd rather poke my own eyes out with a rusty nail than speak for 2 hours. 

      I thought about it for a day or so and because I knew what PSTec was capable of, I said yes (eek!)  Again I used pstec click for the sheer terror and pstec negative to get rid of beliefs around “being a bad public speaker”, “forgetting what I would say”, “people not interested in what I have to say” etc. I used pstec positive to install some new beliefs around being an engaging and confident public speaker and public speaking being fun and easy. 

      Anyway I had to do my talk earlier this week and I had some wobbles a few hours beforehand, which I quickly pstec'd.  Suffice to say it went really really well.  I cannot express how much I actually enjoyed it (I even managed a couple of funnies which got a laugh)  I feel invincible lol  ;D The feedback has been really good so much so they emailed me today to ask if I could do the same again to a different audience.  YIKES! 

      I hope sharing the above gives other readers a glimpse of what PStec is capable of.  I cannot thank Tim and the team enough.  It's truly changed my life – these were two of the biggest issues I have had and I have had to face them both in a very short space of time. 

      I honestly now believe anything is possible with PStec. 
      Thank you so much 

      Peter Bunyan
      PSTEC User

        Wow! Great stories MDJO

        Thanks for sharing and perhaps giving others the confidence to give PSTEC a try.
        We know it works and just want to help everyone else, not just those who “need help” but everyone with more everyday issues as well. I have recently revisited my own insomnia problems with PSTEC with another focus. This time around with more success.


        PSTEC User

          Wow, this is truly phenomenal!  Thanks for sharing..great story!

          I have occasional problems w/ insomnia too.  I like how you broke it down into specific feelings/beliefs you used PSTec on.  That's very helpful. 

          One question..did you ever do any PSTec tracks while awake at night? Like if you couldn't sleep, would you get up and do the PSTec right then?  Or did you always do it at other times of the day/evening?

          PSTEC User

            Hi Requin
            I did try to avoid doing any of the tracks too close to bedtime, normally it was around 7pm. That said there was a couple of nights when I couldnt sleep and found myself lying in bed and getting frustrated so I did the free click track there and then, which really helped with the 'live' feelings, if that makes sense. 
            I feel the turning point for me was getting the ps positive statements really nailed down.  I decided to specify a specific time to be asleep and made al my statements use the word 'always' so there was no ambiguity. 
            I also read Dr Gregg Jacobs book ' say goodnight to insomnia' which i *think* is a cbt approach.  Whilst i didnt actually follow his programme, I felt it really useful for setting the scene that insomnia is always cured via the mind (rather than say pills). Its also really inspiring in that his 'mind' approach helps 90% of his patients come off the sleeping pills and cure insomnia permanently.  He has some very good insight of 'positive sleep thoughts'.

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