Reply To: Limiting beliefs about money.

Peter Bunyan

    Hi the-emu
    Some thoughts. Apologies for them not being in any great order.

    Not absolutely necessary to Click Track all of them, but you could. Is time a problem to you? Are you in a rush?

    Which on of those on your list of Negatives feels the most powerful? Can you remember hearing any of them when you were young, especially if said by your parents? Read down the list which one resonates the most?

    Once you have chosen one, write it as per Negative instructions then start Click Tracking with that sentence in mind. Then run through your counter suggestions,  then the Negative. Next write out a positive example “money is a tool for good” “with more money I can help more people” then run the Positive.
    Before you do any of that download Free Wealth of Abundance from listen to this a number of times first.
    In LOA terms always thinking that you do not have enough money, is what you get.