Limiting beliefs about money.

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      Hi all, I'm new to PSTEC but really excited to get stuck in.

      I use quite a rare method of finding my limiting beliefs using a pendulum and using ideo-motor signals from the subconscious to spell out my limiting beliefs. I'll write out instructions if anyone is interested to know more.

      I believe in the law of attraction, and always wondered why I'm always struggling to make an income, get my business working beyond doing all the basics.

      Here are my limiting beliefs, exactly as my subconscious spelt them out:

      Fear joy of money I'd be evil
      All evil fault down love of money
      Fear I evil making income
      Fear getting money bad horrifying evil
      I fear being fanatical with money
      Fear be actually better getting money
      Fear be better after find like money
      Fear be evil if like money
      Fear evil if benefit find have money
      Fear evil can fight getting money if being hit
      Fear evil fear bad contact if I like having money
      All evil I will fear.
      I cannot like money I'm not evil

      Yikes! Not good obviously and my vibration must be amazingly low – no wonder I have struggled. So its my responsibility to change this for the better.

      I have the free tracks + the positive and negative tracks too.

      Now my question to you experts is: Do I need to do PSTEC negative on all the beliefs I wrote above, or can I consolidate them?

      For example should I keep it simple and just do a round on “it's my belief that money is evil”, “it's my belief loving money is evil”, “it's my belief I will fear all evil” and “it's my fear that I'm evil for making an income” ??

      Sorry for the long post, but any suggestions and thoughts about consolidation would be warmly welcomed.

      Warm regards,


      Peter Bunyan
      PSTEC User

        Hi the-emu
        Some thoughts. Apologies for them not being in any great order.

        Not absolutely necessary to Click Track all of them, but you could. Is time a problem to you? Are you in a rush?

        Which on of those on your list of Negatives feels the most powerful? Can you remember hearing any of them when you were young, especially if said by your parents? Read down the list which one resonates the most?

        Once you have chosen one, write it as per Negative instructions then start Click Tracking with that sentence in mind. Then run through your counter suggestions,  then the Negative. Next write out a positive example “money is a tool for good” “with more money I can help more people” then run the Positive.
        Before you do any of that download Free Wealth of Abundance from listen to this a number of times first.
        In LOA terms always thinking that you do not have enough money, is what you get.


        PSTEC User

          Hi there Peter Thanks for your reply.

          Well no I'm not in a rush, time is no problem for me and I figure even if I spend and hour a day on these then I will make huge progress over a month.
          At this moment in time, I'm going to do my best to do two hours a day as often as I can, alternating between PSTEC Negative and PSTEC Positive. But if I feel burn out, I will reduce and take a break
          So I don't mind working through the list.

          The strange thing is they feel empty, I have no memories or recollections. The reason I'm certain they have been true is simply because looking back, my actions clearly show me pushing money away.

          For example I would always spend and buy useless things, I'd never save money, I was overly generous paying for friends & family when out and about. So I can see the evidence now my attitude with money was get it away from me. I guess if I believed it to be evil, or I'm bad for having money that makes a twisted kind of sense.

          Thanks for your suggestions :) I didn't know about the wealth of abundance track so I will check it out now!

          Many thanks again for your help

          Peter Bunyan
          PSTEC User

            Hi the-emu

            I know nothing of the techniques you used to “find” your limiting beliefs, but I do know that the subconscious is brilliant at finding excuses for not doing things and finding “reasons” why it was somebody or something else's fault for things going wrong.

            Your list of extracted beliefs are not in straight English. Your conscious mind would have corrected them as it is logical, your subconscious is not logical and only understands feelings. Reading down the list I see, Fear, fear, fear, evil,evil, evil. This all seems like feelings to me and should therefore be Click Tracked, before using Negative or trying to counter them with Positive. Do not get hung up on the lack of associated feelings in your list of beliefs. Click Track just holding on to the thoughts and if there are any emotions behind them then your subconscious will find the connections and the CTs will break them.
            Some where in your past the links between money and evil have been made, sounds sort of religious to me, any clue?
            Beyond this Money is not really your problem, it is a tool for achieving what you really want. Love, security, respect these are the things that matter. By focusing on your true goal you will find a way of getting there, the money if required will come. Wealth of Abundance will help here.

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