Reply To: Limiting beliefs about money.


    Hi there Peter Thanks for your reply.

    Well no I'm not in a rush, time is no problem for me and I figure even if I spend and hour a day on these then I will make huge progress over a month.
    At this moment in time, I'm going to do my best to do two hours a day as often as I can, alternating between PSTEC Negative and PSTEC Positive. But if I feel burn out, I will reduce and take a break
    So I don't mind working through the list.

    The strange thing is they feel empty, I have no memories or recollections. The reason I'm certain they have been true is simply because looking back, my actions clearly show me pushing money away.

    For example I would always spend and buy useless things, I'd never save money, I was overly generous paying for friends & family when out and about. So I can see the evidence now my attitude with money was get it away from me. I guess if I believed it to be evil, or I'm bad for having money that makes a twisted kind of sense.

    Thanks for your suggestions :) I didn't know about the wealth of abundance track so I will check it out now!

    Many thanks again for your help