Reply To: Limiting beliefs about money.

Peter Bunyan

    Hi the-emu

    I know nothing of the techniques you used to “find” your limiting beliefs, but I do know that the subconscious is brilliant at finding excuses for not doing things and finding “reasons” why it was somebody or something else's fault for things going wrong.

    Your list of extracted beliefs are not in straight English. Your conscious mind would have corrected them as it is logical, your subconscious is not logical and only understands feelings. Reading down the list I see, Fear, fear, fear, evil,evil, evil. This all seems like feelings to me and should therefore be Click Tracked, before using Negative or trying to counter them with Positive. Do not get hung up on the lack of associated feelings in your list of beliefs. Click Track just holding on to the thoughts and if there are any emotions behind them then your subconscious will find the connections and the CTs will break them.
    Some where in your past the links between money and evil have been made, sounds sort of religious to me, any clue?
    Beyond this Money is not really your problem, it is a tool for achieving what you really want. Love, security, respect these are the things that matter. By focusing on your true goal you will find a way of getting there, the money if required will come. Wealth of Abundance will help here.