Reply To: My insomnia is making me a little stupid, sorry if this has been asked

Peter Bunyan

    Hi matty

    “Right way of doing things?”
    Going through all the tracks in sequence is very powerful but there is a lot to consider if you are new to PSTEC.
    Start with the Basic Click Tracks till you are a bit more familiar with how it works. Focus on the anxiety and thoughts that stop you sleeping. It will not be a waste of time.
    If you have used PSTEC before and want to go for the whole sequence and you are already tired then you might find it either sends you to sleep or you get so sleepy that you cannot concentrate on it. It certainly makes me tired.

    On this page on my site there is a download button for printable pdf instructions for the sequence which can be modified to suit your particular needs.
    Get back to me if you need more