Reply To: 1st results from pstec, im quite shocked how well it worked

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Matt

    Difficult to answer your question without asking you a lot more first.
    You can use PSTEC either way aiming at one target with mixed emotions behind it or working your way through a lot of single emotions that have one cause. Depends on the cause!

    You have suggested your issues stem from a failed relationship IMHO then it would be best to Click Track that “break up” or possibly just the girl, thinking about her will likely bring up all sorts of negative feelings anger, jealousy, frustration, sadness and more possibles. Unless of course you still do have good feelings associated with her which you do not want to lose. If that is the case then working through different aspects of the break up might be the way forward. if possible my suggestion would be to use the eefs just thinking about her. One or two rounds will enough for one session. Do use the 1-10 scale before and after each round, it is important. Move on to another target when your numbers are down to 1 or 2. You can then use Negative and Positive at a later stage when your insomnia is improved.
    Your root cause is not the anxiety causing the insomnia but what is causing the anxiety.
    Keep us posted