Reply To: 1st results from pstec, im quite shocked how well it worked

Peter Bunyan


    Insomnia like the anxiety and depression are symptoms but insomnia with depression creates a downward spiral, one feeding into the other. Getting into a good sleep routine and “cracking” the insomnia should stop the depression and reduce anxiety.
    Try downloading the free Wealth of Abundance track. This is a hypnotic track so just listen but try to pay attention to Tim's voice. Listen last thing at night in bed ready to go to sleep. If you fall asleep listening, fine! The track is about gratitude which is a component of self-esteem. More gratitude = more self-esteem. Insomnia, anxiety and depression are signs of low self-esteem. You see where I am coming from? If it makes you sleep, good! If you don't then this track can still make you feel better. So win-win!