Reply To: Please Help Identifying SA Emotions

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Rakeno

    Yes you could just go for the embarrassment Think perhaps of some recent most memorable occurrences and keep those in mind while Click Tracking. However you do appear to remember emotions from when you were younger, you mention fear of speaking and fear of rejection. With these fears in mind and if you can some of the earliest incidents that you can recall, then this is another Click Track target. Try the eefs from level 1.
    You know now that PSTEC works so it will also work to clear your main SA issues. Look forward to a new exciting period in your life. The more you are confident that PSTEC works, the better it will work.
    Let us know how you get on and then we can help you use the other tools to gain the confidence to build new relationships with positive social interactions.
    PS Do you have problems with making eye contact with new people, Do you look at them while listening?