Reply To: general clearing of subconscious blockers


    Usually when you ct a memory that is pretty much identical to another situation it should be sufficient to clear all of the other little similar situations. Your perspective should change. Start with the biggest just embarrassing situation you can remember and ct the heck out of it until emotions are down to 0 and your perspective changes on that situation. Then go to a similar memory same type of situation and do the same. Your mind should connect the dots between that type of situation and catch on that these all relate to the same type of issue and perspective you have on it. You most likely won't even need to do the others at this point. You can kind of “feel” your sub not needing to do the other similar situations unless memories like that keep popping up flagging you to your attention. The over little memories should fade away. If other memories come to mind once you clear those they might be connected but have a different impact and lead to other problems that brought you to react the way you did in the first big memory, you follow.

    It's like a chain reaction

    You'll notice clearing will get more difficult the more you clear because you'll be feeling more and more confident and free from emotions you will be laughing at how ridiculous some of the old memories were to you at that point. My advice if and when you get to that stage of clearing, any memory that seems to linger, even if you feel it dosnt matter to you anymore, if your sub keeps bringing it to your attention, chances are it still might affect you in some way, clear it and be done with that.

    Hope that helped