Reply To: PSTEC Routine?

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Akiro

    Most likely IMHO your 3 main issues are all low self-esteem/confidence issues just expressed in different ways and areas of your life, they tend to be at the root of things. The causes of the low-self esteem were probably set when you were young and compounded ever since. If you can remember incidents from ages 4 to say 11 at home or school then this would be my suggestion for an area to work on.

    Set aside a regular day or days of the week where you can spend some time working on yourself the same time of day and write it up in a diary scheduled for self improvement.
    Keep a list of things to “Click” on, keep it with you and add things as they occur to you, so you always have something to do in that time slot.
    If you do not feel like Clicking then listen to some tutorials or Accelerators if you have them. Also download this free trackĀ This is a hypnotic track you can always listen to, it helps with gratitude which is an aspect of self esteem. The more grateful you are the higher your self-esteem.
    Keep us posted