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      Hey PSTEC-Fans,

      I just started with PSTEC a week ago and I´m amazed about the freedom I got until now.
      I have 3 major challenges:


      I´m quite sure they depend from each other. In some areas (job) I´m quite successful although I think I´m not.

      I started to list of all my earlier life situations which caused a kind of emotional ballast, which I release step for step with the click tracks (free version).

      To really start through I bought nearly every package:
      PSTEC Level 1
      Level 2
      Cascade Release
      Magic sentences
      Achieve your nature weight
      Advanced level 1+2
      and so on.

      But the 2 problems I face are:

      1. How to develop a daily routine (atm it´s more a kind of “hey I found this in my past, let´s click track it…but this are single events, no specific routine)

      2. How do I work with my challenges to get over them step for step….and for sure in a kind of daily routine.

      Should I work on one specific topic first, let´s say “procrastination”? For example what I did was:

      1. ClickTrack the Feelings combined with procrastination
      2. (I haven´t done it yet) use the magic sentences for procrastination?
      3.??? Who do I develop an ongoing routine?
      4. Install new beliefs? Delete olds? (PSTEC Positive and Negative)

      So I try to implement PSTEC in my daily life without just working on single events, more to resolve my 3 major issues.

      Any ideas?

      Thanks and best regards

      Peter Bunyan
      PSTEC User

        Hi Akiro

        Most likely IMHO your 3 main issues are all low self-esteem/confidence issues just expressed in different ways and areas of your life, they tend to be at the root of things. The causes of the low-self esteem were probably set when you were young and compounded ever since. If you can remember incidents from ages 4 to say 11 at home or school then this would be my suggestion for an area to work on.

        Set aside a regular day or days of the week where you can spend some time working on yourself the same time of day and write it up in a diary scheduled for self improvement.
        Keep a list of things to “Click” on, keep it with you and add things as they occur to you, so you always have something to do in that time slot.
        If you do not feel like Clicking then listen to some tutorials or Accelerators if you have them. Also download this free track This is a hypnotic track you can always listen to, it helps with gratitude which is an aspect of self esteem. The more grateful you are the higher your self-esteem.
        Keep us posted

        Peter Bunyan
        PSTEC User

          Forgot to mention.

          If you procrastinate yourself out of building positive habits, your subconscious is likely to be producing reasons for not doing things based on fear of success/failure or change. If you can focus on a “reason” why you have not done something for a while can you “feel” that fear? This might be a bit vague but Click on it anyway. Once you have reduced that fear then you can do a Positive. Create a statement that suggests that you will find it easy to find a time to Click or listen every day. If you have Negative then in between the Click Track and Positive create negative statement along the lines of “I can't build a new habit” and run Negative on that.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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