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Peter Bunyan

    Hi Id

    Yes it is quite common for beginners with PSTEC to experience some strange feelings after their first few sessions but these usually only last a few minutes then fade away. With PSTEC there is no brain wave entrainment or going into any trance like state, you are in control and aware at all times. At the start  you are asked to take a deep breath and close your eyes, but this is in order to help you relax so that you can focus more on the instructions and focus on what it is that you have to do. PSTEC is not just  “lie back and listen” you have to actively engage in the process. The tapping has nothing to do with meridians or anything like that.

    “Brain altering” The brain and mind are like hardware and software one useless without the other. Your hardware remains pretty much the same but you can change programs and the CPU just uses different bits of hardware and RAM. Your experience of darkness and hopelessness are running programs you want to stop. So yes mind altering but alterations you want to make, you are in charge. You are looking for change or you would not have tried Headspace or be writing here.

    “Left feeling empty” You have the positive emotions within you but the negative feelings are overpowering or dominating them so much you do not notice them. With PSTEC you are aiming to remove or at least reduce them and allow your positive emotions to  show up. So yes chuck out the bad stuff and what is left is the good stuff within you. Any feeling of “void” is still another form of blocking by negative fears.

    Without clearing the negative emotions transformation will not happen. In fact that clearing is the start of transformation. Once you have got somewhere with this stage then you can start with PSTEC positive which is more powerful than affirmations.

    “Scared to start” Listen to some of the stories from people who have benefited from PSTEC for all sorts of issues here.

    Download the FREE Basic Click Tracks from here Now! Your to keep and use for yourself no charge forever. Use as many times as you need.

    Within this package are several audio files listen to the Instructions first. At the beginning of the Click Track and at the end you are asked to rate your feelings on a scale of 0 to 10. You will know at the end after only 15 minutes that some change has taken place and by how much.

    By taking positive actions you will be reducing hopelessness. The peace you seek is within you ready to shine, once you have removed the negative emotions which trouble you. Yes PSTEC can help you.

    Keep us up to date with your progress and ask for any more help here if you need it.
    Best wishes