Reply To: Block won’t release

Peter Bunyan


    Having just reviewed all your previous posts it seems to me that all your “issues” probably have a common cause. From previous posts you mention stress, procrastination, perfectionism, feeling unattractive, all these are aspects of low self-esteem. Going back, you recall getting freaked because you couldn't figure out the endings of films and so thinking you must be stupid. This is also something that would knock down your self esteem. However that alone does not seem to me to be a cause rather the first time you really noticed it and you were previously unintentionally set up to think that way.

    If you keep telling children they are stupid they tend to believe it as they have nothing to compare it against, it becomes normal for them to think that way. When they start growing up they would then struggle at school and under-perform in some way/s.

    What I am trying to do is to get you to see your problems in a different light and think back to things that may have been said to you or about you when you young, by parents, siblings, relatives or friends. These things being the start of self limiting beliefs that have affected you ever since.

    Yes I am guessing a lot here, but I hope this helps.