Reply To: New and have concerns/queries

Peter Bunyan

    Hi Taruni

    Seems you have had an interesting start with PSTEC.

    The Click Tracks only remove the feelings from the memories, the memories, your past remains the same, only once removed they do not affect your present. Those old negative feelings trap you and create self limiting beliefs to further stifle and choke the future you want to have. The therapies you have employed create change which can be disturbing but also exciting. Choose what and who you want to be and Click Track that which is stopping you.

    PSTEC Positive is another tool to enable change beyond the Click tracks but not what with what others have said you should do or be, but to help enable what you truly wish for. It helps counter procrastination, overcome the doubts and and outweigh the remaining fears, so that you can live life with purpose and use the “best part of you”. PSTEC helps to create lives filled with what Jeff calls JEEP Joy, Excitement, Enthusiasm and Peace. What's to dislike about that!

    Cognitive shifts? IMO That implies conscious level thinking but it is the subconscious which is the powerhouse driving us with feelings. Happiness is the normal everyday state for us humans, anything blocking that needs Click Tracking.
    There is so much that PSTEC can be used for, in so many different ways.
    Since you have only just started, as we say here “Keep on Clicking”.