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    PSTEC User

      I'm a member of an EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner's forum and heard about PSTEC for the first time yesterday in a post on said forum. I was curious at to what this was and, after watching a couple of youtube videos of people obviously completely convinced (ie, had experience) of its efficacy, I decided to give this rather weird sounding treatment a go (it's free, after all…)

      I followed the instructions and did it for something not too major for the first run through, was very much impressed and so decided to use it on a 'biggy' that I've only approached with Matrix Reimprinting once or twice and was a whole hallabaloo. I mean, I got some important resolution – very important – but I found it so frustrating that it seems to link in to so many other things and it's so big (ie, so many associated memories with such high charge) already.

      So I decided I've had enough of this. I have been through it counselling… time to just get rid of it. So I ran the click track for it and found the emotion came up so strong at the start I was crying through the first part. By the end I had stopped but was very dizzy. I did some grounding work and that seemed to clear up the dizziness. I was totally and utterly flabbgasted… Did this really just work???

      I definitely noticed my mood brighten after this but then I'm also wondering… The modalities I like to work with generally give 'cognitive shifts'. You know? Like I was doing some Picture Tapping on a huge negative belief the night before and suddenly had this really beautiful shift… “Wow… things aren't like that, they're like this… Oooooh!” It was really beautiful and I knew that healing had taken place.

      What concerns me about the PSTECT is, yes it is LOADS faster – in my admittedly brief experience – but I have no realisation or understanding from what happened. No learning. I have nothing from it. Then what was the point? You know, of going through all of that, just to erase it… gone? I'm just frightened of cutting off my connection to things and loosing the positive that can come of them along with the negative. Yes, OK, fear running here and, yes, based on an experience related to what I just said but I'm wanting to ask people who've used this extensively – either in personal work or with clients – do you see cognitive shifts happening? Do you see clients getting learning from what happened? I don't just want to erase my history. I want to let go of the pain so that I can use whatever positive lessons/learnings come from it to move forward. Does that makes sense?

      I guess I am attached. I'm identifying with some of these things and I'm wondering who I'll be without them. With something like Matrix Reimprinting there is a process built in to the modality which basically empowers the person to find new meaning and resources in the past which we then reimprint to the sub-conscious mind so that they will have them in the now and in the future as well. It's a very organic process and I trust it because I've seen it work. There's no problem with identity as the client gains a new positive identity as soon as they clear the old, negative one. I'm just wondering, I know there is positive PSTEC – I have the level 1 so I have this but haven't used it yet. I don't like the idea of inventing affirmations for myself either – telling my mind “this is how things have to be”. I'd rather let things grow naturally and of their own accord because that, for me, is something that I can trust comes from the best part of me rather than being some kind of imposition of my conscious mind of what I think I “should” be or how I think I “Should” feel. That's always got me into soooo much trouble!!! I want to avoid it like the plague!!

      Does any of that make sense? Can any of you help me? The results people have been getting seem to be absolutely astounding! I'd really like to know more.

      Thanks a lot!


      Peter Bunyan
      PSTEC User

        Hi Taruni

        Seems you have had an interesting start with PSTEC.

        The Click Tracks only remove the feelings from the memories, the memories, your past remains the same, only once removed they do not affect your present. Those old negative feelings trap you and create self limiting beliefs to further stifle and choke the future you want to have. The therapies you have employed create change which can be disturbing but also exciting. Choose what and who you want to be and Click Track that which is stopping you.

        PSTEC Positive is another tool to enable change beyond the Click tracks but not what with what others have said you should do or be, but to help enable what you truly wish for. It helps counter procrastination, overcome the doubts and and outweigh the remaining fears, so that you can live life with purpose and use the “best part of you”. PSTEC helps to create lives filled with what Jeff calls JEEP Joy, Excitement, Enthusiasm and Peace. What's to dislike about that!

        Cognitive shifts? IMO That implies conscious level thinking but it is the subconscious which is the powerhouse driving us with feelings. Happiness is the normal everyday state for us humans, anything blocking that needs Click Tracking.
        There is so much that PSTEC can be used for, in so many different ways.
        Since you have only just started, as we say here “Keep on Clicking”.

        Jeff Harding
        PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

          Mahalo Peter for your guidance with “T.”
          Good job!

          Two additional items T:

          A particular feature of Tim's Tools (to some degree even the Free Basic Click Tracks as you have experienced and even more so with the PSTEC Accelerators) is the awareness of what is in the way.

          Time after time … and I am sure Peter will attest to this as well … those I work with privately chime, 'I forgot all about that!' … or … “I never knew that was there in my mind!' … or … 'I worked on this with other methods and thought I was done, but I know realize I wasn't… until now'; and other such intimations.

          One of the most harrowing problems in change work or moving in the direction we wish is the fact that the subconscious (sub) will cover aspects from our consciousness and, therefore, we do not exert our free will to let go of them.

          So, with that in mind, Tim has incorporated this essential (and previously missed) aspect of True mind freeing work … that is the awareness of what the barrier is and its various aspects.

          In other words, good stuff and essential if you Truly wish to become Free!

          As for what is in your way of being Free of your egoic aspects and allowing your connection to Truth … to your True Self … to All That Is … the answer, at least a wonderful beginning is already in the post you originally expressed here.

          Reread what you wrote and see what you can find and, remember, the solutions … the Answer … is always Within!

          Seek and let me know what you find in that post and then I have a wonderful experience to share with you on how I have used PSTEC Positive in ways that while not necessarily “earth shattering” will perhaps inspire you.  :)

          Malama Pono!

          Peter Bunyan
          PSTEC User


            Thank you for your post which raises so many interesting points. To further answer your questions. Many new users of PSTEC like you are stunned by the speed and change in feelings from just a “few” minutes of “Clicking”. This I surmise is due people just not expecting or believing it could happen to them and possibly a result of some fast “rewiring” of the brain. As you get used to Click Tracking you get to expect change to happen and so less affected by it. Using the rating scale before and after is important, just trust your subconscious to give the right number. This “expecting it” to work makes the whole process even more effective. You get to trust it the same way you trust the lights will go on when you flip the switch, but then it uses the underlying “mechanics of mind” or “mental laws” so why wouldn't it?

            PSTEC works for the majority of people but a few do not get on with it. My guess here is that they are the sort of people who always need to know how things work logically and always overwrite their own feelings with “common sense”. Where as people are not often logical, sensible or reasonable but driven by emotions without understanding why. PSTEC seems to work better for those who are more in contact with their feelings, as it seems you are.

            Wondering who you'll be without the old feelings? A better person! Using PSTEC is like clearing out the garbage, you do not need it. As Tim says “clear out the bad stuff and what is left is the good stuff”.

            I had better stop going on for now.
            Please please reply, I really want to hear what Jeff has to share.

            PSTEC User


              Thank you both so much for your replies- I appreciate them enormously. Some of my questions have definitely been answered. I have anther though, if that's OK. I was listening to one of the level 1 audios and i thought I heard Tim say that it is important to make sure you stay focused on the negative events while click tracking because the process works to disconnect all emotions, not just negative ones. Now every time I go to click track I notice how much I'm feeling love for my partner and that's the last thing I would ever want to erase! While I'm overjoyed to be so conscious of the feelings, it means I keep stopping the click track for fear if erasing them if I'm still feeling them while doing it. My mind does wander from what I'm trying to click track away, after all. Most especially a little while into it when a lot of the charge has gone out of whatever it is.

              Yes I know. My subconscious is extremely tricky and I'm full of resistance. People always say you need a niche with therapy work. While I don't hold to that 100%, I decided a long time ago that once Im finally working my speciality must be “overcoming inner conflict”. It's the swamp I'm crossing. I realised that some while ago. So if I ever manage to get across it, well, I reckon I'll be something of an expert in it by then! ;)

              Lol! Help/ advise so much appreciated. Thank you so much for the replies already! Jeff I have reread what I wrote but didn't quite fully comprehend what you were obviously seeing. Tho I did get the idea that I must have at least in part answered some of my questions when writing it but I decided to post it anyway as I still wanted to hear from experienced practitioners. Now my brain has gone fuzzy and I'll need to wait until I'm more compis mantis to remember what that was I think lol! I would still be interested in your personal experience tho, if you'd like to share.

              Peter, thank you for your replies- most especially for your reassurance that inc I clear the negative I will be me. Just the happy positive me. That does help a lot. A lot. Tho, of course, I have hang ups about tht too…. Long story lol and I'm sure there's no point in telling it, just more stuff to clear… And more stuff I'm frightened of loosing connection with. But if I delete the emotional charge does that mean I will be able to see the events more clearly and gain a firmer grasp on what actually happened? I think a lot of my resistance with working on some events is that I've not managed to pick them apart or understand what thy mean yet. Perhaps I place too much importance on this. But understanding is something of immense value to me. Will I be able to understand better if the emotional charge is gone? The memories I have click tracked so far have faded somewhat in my memory. I don't perceive them so clearly. But maybe I already got the meanings I needed from them, and now it is simply time to move forward? Is that it?

              Sorry so many questions. This is just of great importance to me. I've been told off for my abstract and analytical thinking before now, tho someone else once told me that I don't think too much, I just need to learn to think about the right things. Ie, not give up the thinking propensity, just be mindful as to where I direct it. I liked that. But haven't always managed on the follow through… I guess that's the point of this clickig business- that by disconnecting from the past we can direct our energies in more helpful and healthful ways.

              Ok I've talked enough lol.

              My best wishes to you both and thanks again for your input!


              Ps. Please forgive any typos- I'm tapping this out on my tiny phone…

              Peter Bunyan
              PSTEC User


                You are correct in that the Click Tracks can remove any emotion associated with a memory, and you do not want to remove the good bits. It is important therefore to focus really hard on the bad times, while this may seem hard as you have found out it will not be for very long. While Click Tracking, keep working at pulling your thoughts back to the task in hand, try as hard as you can. Also as you have discovered PSTEC is not a lay back and listen therapy, it requires your effort, you will get the best results from being involved and as focused as you can. However it is only for short periods of time. Get through to the end of the track and if you cannot feel any remaining “charge” then it is job done.

                Now in true therapist fashion I feel that in order to answer your question I must first ask you one. Look inside yourself and ask yourself the question “is my concern about my past connections some form of resistance. Perhaps some form of procrastination an excuse to not move on, or perhaps plain old fashioned fear of change or of a new and unknown, uncertain future?” Get back to us!

                Wow! You really typed that on a phone! I give up after one paragraph. Keeps it short and sweet though.

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