Reply To: New and have concerns/queries

Jeff Harding
PSTEC Pro and Forum Moderator

    Mahalo Peter for your guidance with “T.”
    Good job!

    Two additional items T:

    A particular feature of Tim's Tools (to some degree even the Free Basic Click Tracks as you have experienced and even more so with the PSTEC Accelerators) is the awareness of what is in the way.

    Time after time … and I am sure Peter will attest to this as well … those I work with privately chime, 'I forgot all about that!' … or … “I never knew that was there in my mind!' … or … 'I worked on this with other methods and thought I was done, but I know realize I wasn't… until now'; and other such intimations.

    One of the most harrowing problems in change work or moving in the direction we wish is the fact that the subconscious (sub) will cover aspects from our consciousness and, therefore, we do not exert our free will to let go of them.

    So, with that in mind, Tim has incorporated this essential (and previously missed) aspect of True mind freeing work … that is the awareness of what the barrier is and its various aspects.

    In other words, good stuff and essential if you Truly wish to become Free!

    As for what is in your way of being Free of your egoic aspects and allowing your connection to Truth … to your True Self … to All That Is … the answer, at least a wonderful beginning is already in the post you originally expressed here.

    Reread what you wrote and see what you can find and, remember, the solutions … the Answer … is always Within!

    Seek and let me know what you find in that post and then I have a wonderful experience to share with you on how I have used PSTEC Positive in ways that while not necessarily “earth shattering” will perhaps inspire you.  :)

    Malama Pono!