Reply To: New and have concerns/queries

Peter Bunyan


    Thank you for your post which raises so many interesting points. To further answer your questions. Many new users of PSTEC like you are stunned by the speed and change in feelings from just a “few” minutes of “Clicking”. This I surmise is due people just not expecting or believing it could happen to them and possibly a result of some fast “rewiring” of the brain. As you get used to Click Tracking you get to expect change to happen and so less affected by it. Using the rating scale before and after is important, just trust your subconscious to give the right number. This “expecting it” to work makes the whole process even more effective. You get to trust it the same way you trust the lights will go on when you flip the switch, but then it uses the underlying “mechanics of mind” or “mental laws” so why wouldn't it?

    PSTEC works for the majority of people but a few do not get on with it. My guess here is that they are the sort of people who always need to know how things work logically and always overwrite their own feelings with “common sense”. Where as people are not often logical, sensible or reasonable but driven by emotions without understanding why. PSTEC seems to work better for those who are more in contact with their feelings, as it seems you are.

    Wondering who you'll be without the old feelings? A better person! Using PSTEC is like clearing out the garbage, you do not need it. As Tim says “clear out the bad stuff and what is left is the good stuff”.

    I had better stop going on for now.
    Please please reply, I really want to hear what Jeff has to share.